Open Match Rules

WarwickWold Waters – Open Match Rules

Start and finish times and match duration will be asadvertised and determined by the Fishery officials


Before thestarting signal competitors must not groundbait or loose feed the swim but willbe allowed to wet a line, plumb the depth and test the float, mix and wetgroundbait, clear their swim of weed or obstructions and position theirequipment.

Eachcompetitors swim boundary is halfwaybetween you and the next angler.

No bait, equipment or information can be given toany competitor during the course of the match. Competitors withdrawing from the match are not allowed to give theirgroundbait or hookbait to or approach another competitor during the duration ofa match. 


A competitor must cease fishing at the finishingsignal.  Should a competitor still beplaying a fish hooked before the finishing signal is given, they will bepermitted up to fifteen minutes to land the fish.


At the end of the match the Fishery officials willweigh the fish in each net. Competitors can check their weight on the scalesbut the Fishery officials’ decision on weight is final.



  • Barbless hooks only(Maximum size 10)

  • BraidHook lengths are not allowed

  • No floating baits 

  • No floating poles

  • No slapping or tappingof poles on water, turning the rig over or cupping of water.

  • No dobbing or chasingof fish

  • 12inch minimum hooklength (below float)(4 inch on Method Feeder)

  • No spodding

  • No feeding or cuppingwith a second pole

  • Method Feeders allowed,free running with only 4 inch minimum hook length

  • Use only landing netssupplied by the Fishery.

  • All fish to be kept in keepnets which will besupplied by the Fishery. Maximum of 60lbs per net. For weights over 60lbs only60lbs will be weighed in. For example 65lbs in one net will only count as60lbs. Second nets will be available if required. 

Baits (only these baitsare permitted) 
  • Maggot/Caster/Worm

  • Pellet - any hookpellet is permitted

  • Paste - any paste hooksbaits may be used

  • Sweet corn

  • Luncheon meat (ham,spam, flavoured/coloured meat may also be used)

  • (No bread or artificial baits please).

All anglers fishing inmatches at Warwick Wold Waters are asked to respect all the rules and not toindulge in any unsporting conduct. Please treat all fish with care.