Warwick Wold Waters was one man's dream many years ago.  Philip Brown originally began the mammoth project back in 2006 when the 30 acre piece of land in the Surrey North Downs became available.  It took several years to get through planning but after many attempts it was approved. As you can see from the photos the complex looks very different now compared to when the land was first acquired. At one point there were 12 pieces of machinery creating the fishery you see today.  The lakes have been dug and lined out, using the blue clay which makes them great for holding water.  Each lake is kept topped up with spring water fed directly off the North Downs which creates the best possible environment for the fish. Every tree, bush and reed has been planted by family or friends during the preparation period.  Unfortunately we cannot rush nature but the fishery is now looking very nice and the fish are growing and giving good sport to our customers. 
The Clubhouse took many years to build as it was more a weekend and evening project by Philip and his son Adam. It has been created to a British Standards and the facilities are better than required for a fishing clubhouse.  The clubhouse is the heart of the complex and is used for all news, letters, photos and general information.

The lakes have been designed with the fish and fishermen in mind. Our goal was to create a fishery on the edge of London which people could reach quickly and enjoy without the long drive which costs you several hours of valuable fishing time.  Our aim is for people to turn up with minimal gear but have a maximum fun and enjoyment.

So one man's dream turned into reality and hopefully a great legacy will be here for many years to come. This small section of the North Downs has been transformed from and area of polluted land into a fishing and wildlife haven for everyone to enjoy year after year.