Ash Lake

Situated at the very end of the 30 acre complex Ash Lake is the preferred match lake but it can be fished by leisure anglers when  there is no match being held. It is 1.3 acres and has 23 swims, around the lake, all the same distance apart, waiting for any team or group of anglers to do battle.

The lake was designed so that it allows each member an equal opportunity but without the standard ‘square’ match lake look and feel. As well as equal depths all the way around the lake has also been designed with two low spots through the centre theoretically allowing each angler an equal opportunity no matter what the swim number. The depth varies between 3ft – 5ft. 

The lake has been stocked with large numbers of pristine F1’s, mirror and common carp and there are now plenty of double figure fish. Club matches are held on Ash Lake every weekend and weights up to and over 200lb are regularly seen.