Long Lake

An elegant half acre, narrow lake which is fished off one side. 13 pegs allow each angler to fish off the opposite bank, as if fishing a river or canal. The average depth is around 4ft.

It is planted with a range of beautiful plants to give a real overgrown and natural feel. The lake was originally intended to be a carp free and was stocked with tench, barbel, chub, crucian carp, roach and rudd. There were also a few small perch and goldfish. Unfortunately the water remained crystal clear and very difficult to fish so we decided to introduce a few 3lb to 4lb common and mirror carp to stir up the mud and clay. 

Nearly all the silver fish that were originally stocked have now disappeared but there is a good head of common, mirror and F1 carp and fish of over 10lb have been caught. There are also some nice roach and rudd, skimmer bream and small perch.