Long Lake

An elegant half acre, narrow lake which is fished off one side. 13 pegs allow each angler to fish off the opposite bank, as if fishing a river or canal. The average depth is between 5ft and 6ft.

It is planted with a range of beautiful plants to give a real overgrown and natural feel. The lake was originally intended to be a carp free and was stocked with tench, barbel, chub, crucian carp, roach and rudd. There are also a few small perch and goldfish. Unfortunately the water remained crystal clear and very difficult to fish so we decided to introduce a few 3lb to 4lb common and mirror carp to stir up the mud and clay. 

This lake now holds the best variety of fish in the complex and there are large chub, tench and carp being caught on a regular basis. There are also good roach and crucians to be had.  Unfortunately, the barbel that we originally stocked have never shown so we introduced about 50 small ones early in 2016. These are now being caught regularly and have enhanced the interesting variety of fish in this lake.

There are many small fish in this lake but if you can get past these it can be a great days fishing and gives a  diversified opportunity for the angler looking for an alternative to carp.