Spring Lake

A 2 acre lake with 24 well-spaced swims. The lake's depth average is between 4ft and 6ft

Spring Lake is largest of the four and it is stocked with a large head of common and mirror carp, roach, rudd, bream and recently introduced barbel. This scenic water is very popular as it provides anglers with the opportunity to catch large bags of pristine carp using a variety of methods.

In the summer months, margin fishing can be spectacular; and by using simple pole or long rod tactics over a bed of bait, carp can be caught in as little as 2 ft of water.  A central low spot allows a great opportunity to catch carp off the lily pads and reeds in the summer months as well as the large ‘bowl’ shape at the far end which gives the larger fish a great resting place.

We recommend this lake to new anglers or Dad's with their children who "just want to catch fish".

In February 2015 we introduced barbel up to about a 1lb to the lake and these are now being caught regularly and fish in excess of 6lb have been seen. If you have never caught a barbel before, give Spring Lake a try and experience the thrill of catching these great fighting fish. They are usually found in the margins and take a variety of baits.